Wednesday, 29 March 2006

The 'Secret' to Making Money!

A Book Review of Rhonda Byrne's insightful read - 'The Secret'

If your wish is that of making money, one book that you have to start your quest with is 'The Secret' By Rhonda Byrne. The book is a guiding light, it allows you to take a look into your life, understand what it is that you exactly want, and then focus your energies on achieving it. The book is based on a very simple law, a law that governs life in a way and that is 'The Law of Attraction'.

It's a simply thought, a simple idea that is personified so beautifully in this amazing book. The thought basically suggests that your goal and desires are governed by what you think. You need to think positive and in that way, you will attract what is positive. If you keep believing that you will fail, you are attracting that behavior towards yourself. And when you think that you succeed, Voila! Beautiful things will happen.

The book also suggests a path that you must follow, in order to achieve what your heart desires. The path talks about how you need to focus and act, and you should also ensure that your goal is realistic. It's not based on luck, you have to work towards attaining your eventual goal. So, if it is making money that you are after, focus on how you are going to do it, and think positive!

The main essence of the book lies in exploring the power of our minds. It brings to life the phrase 'It's all in the mind' and motivates the reader to go ahead and conquer. Once you are able to tune your thought process into one that gears you up for victory, it then becomes a habit, and you are easily able to think in a manner that allows for overcoming of challenges. Making money online is not impossible - you need to think you can and you will!

The best thing about this book is that you will keep nodding along as you read it. As if, to tell yourself that you are aware of what needs to be done, but you are just not willing to do it. This book motivates you with the many anecdotes that are nestled in between the inspiring pages.

Making money online is what most of us want in life, and now we know what the secret to it is. It's simple, think positive, act right and the universe will work in mysterious ways to bring to you what is rightfully yours. Tune your mind and your life will follow. You may not believe it now, but once you do start following what they have to say in the book, you can indeed believe that good things are coming your way. If you want to become rich by making money online - it WILL happen!

For those who are not too fond of reading, they can get their hands on some more insights through the interesting documentary made on this amazing idea. So, go ahead and get your hands on the book or the documentary, you will not believe how it will change your life... for the better. Millions have benefited from this idea, and if you wish to make money, you should too.

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